Saturday, December 11, 2010

Show Hope!

We were sooooooo overjoyed a few weeks ago when we received a letter from the Show Hope Foundation saying we were recipients of a $2000. grant towards our adoption!! We applied over the summer with the realization that this is one of the largest adoption grant donors in the U.S.....which means tons of other VERY DESERVING applicants! Steven Curtis Chapman & his wife Mary Beth are amazing influences in the adoption world & we are truly appreciative of this great blessing! God is moving on our behalf & writing each detail of this beautiful story! Click the photo above to find out more about Show Hope.....


Kellie said...

My husband and I are contributers to Show Hope. I cannot express the joy it gives me to hear about your grant first-hand from you! Of course, we get newsletters, but actually seeing it transpire right in front of me is incredible! I will be praying for you and your family during this journey. God bless you.
James 1:27

The Lanes said...

We love that Kellie....Thanks soooo much for sharing! It is just like our God to continue to link, connect, orchestrate, reveal, & amaze in only ways HE can! Happy 2011 from The Lanes!

PS...I REALLY want to read Mary Beth Chapman's new book! Have you read it yet?

Kellie said...

I have not read MBC's book yet, but I want to as well. I'm hoping to find time soon! It really is amazing to see our God work in everyday little things as well as the huge moments in our lives.

I'm thrilled to see your New Year's post with that big WAR EAGLE screaming at me! My hubby and I are both AU graduates and LOVE those TIGERS!
Now we are just hoping that this winter storm will not knock out our electricity and keep us from watching the game!

Kellie said...

Ugh. That should have read "how our God WORKS" (not work). :)