Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fingerprinting...Check!!.....1st Home Study....Check!!Check!!

Progress has been made! This week we've been able to check 2 important steps off our list....Monday Jan. 26th we both got fingerprinted, followed Tuesday by our first home study which lasted around 4 hours! Things are moving well, although not at lightening speed, simply due to the huge amount of paperwork to be completed. Our sweet social worker laughingly told Abbey that she was giving Mommy & Daddy lots of homework:) Here is our assignment list:

1) Dr. visits for physicals
2) Gather general documents (our birth certificates, tax returns, etc.)
3) Complete individual AUTOBIOGRAPHIES (childhood to parenting & all in-between)
4) Web sites to visit and read together
5) Questionaires for approaching real-life adoption scenarios
6) Continue checking into grants/fundraising

In about 4 weeks we'll have all of this completed and set up our 2nd and final home study, then make a family profile for birthmothers to look at when choosing a prospective home for their child. Then more writing, this time for grants to help cover the rest of the costs! As you can see, the process is not a quick one, but will be well worth all of the effort. Keep checking in for updates and thanks for your prayers!

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Stacey said...

yay!!! Glad to see things are moving in the right direction. I will pray for you guys that it doesn't take NEARLY as long as ours is taking..... thanks for the updates, keep us posted!!